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Marks and Spencer – Chicken Breast

2014-01-20 13.48.12

Looking a whole lot like the meal I posted from Waitrose, the Marks and Spencer chicken breast, avocado, and salad combo is also a good paleo / primal option as there are a lot of ‘Marks and Sparks’ in London. The 2 chicken breasts are £2, and the salad is part of their 2 for £4 deal which can combined with some fruit (berries are included in this).

As you can probably tell from the trend of my food related posts, I tend to eat a lot of chicken for lunch. While I’d love to be able to eat more steak, salmon, omelettes and so forth, the reality is that chicken seems to be the most readily available protein which is ready to eat and served in sufficient quantities to serve my daily protein requirements. Salmon for example, is usually served in such small portions (and large cost) that it’s not worth it. I eat a lot of steak, and salmon for dinner but these have not yet featured on this blog. I thought I might clarify this just in case people were worried; if we are indeed what we eat then I’ll be expecting to sprout some chicken wings any day now.

Back in New Zealand

I’m back in New Zealand for the best part of 6 weeks and will be returning to London on the 14th of March. While I still intend to do a little posting here, there obviously will be less of a London slant for the time being.

While in this transition (I’ve actually quit my job and moved out of my flat) I have experienced my first lapse with the diet after I hit the original 3 week target that I’d committed to. The improvement in my general well being in this time was more than proof enough that I will return to the diet and stick with it long term. I felt during this rather stressful time that I wasn’t able to dedicate enough time to it and my food choices suffered. I shouldn’t make excuses as it’s not difficult to follow, but I am human and it’s been nice to see some stark differences in the way I feel after reintroducing sugars and grains back into my diet.

I had Inguinal Hernia repair surgery in June and during this healing process I’d experience an amount of pain in the region where the surgery took place. Since I started doing Paleo / Primal I’d noticed this pain completely disappear - The reduction in inflammation is often attributed as a benefit of this diet so this could be related to this. After eating a bit of rubbish food this almost immediately reoccured. I’d also experienced a bunch of headaches, although this may have been stress related.

I’m staying with friends in Auckland and will be heading further north to my hometown next week where I plan to pick up from where I left off. The fishing is great there so I intend to eat a lot of fish, and less chicken (which is a staple of mine). It will be great to have such a readily able source of protein and omega 3 with a known, sustainable source. We’re also in the height of summer so it’ll be nice to not to have to supplement my diet with Vitamin D3, something I felt necessary in the UK due to my desk job and very limited opportunities to see much direct sunlight.

Dark Chocolate

To my delight, I discovered this week that dark chocolate is an approved snack on a primal diet. I’ve never been a big fan of dark chocolate, although there had never really been a great reason to eat it over dairy milk (which was far tastier as I was concerned). With far less sugar (and therefore carbohydrates) and a host of advertised benefits (including disease fighting antioxidants!) it makes a perfect dessert for someone on a primal, low carbohydrate diet. I’ve always had a sweet tooth and I find a couple of pieces will happily suppress that after a meal.

I’ve been eating a few pieces a week for the last 2 weeks and already think it tastes fantastic. I tend to keep this as a try to only eat it on days I know I’m well under my calorie targets (Generally my Squash or Gym days).

I have tried the following two bars and think the Green and Black is better, a bit smoother. I shouldn’t need to tell you where to find this stuff as it’s available in basically every corner shop, supermarket, or convenience store I’ve been in in London.

Green & Black’s Organic Chocolate 85% Dark
Lindt Excellence 90% Dark Supreme Chocolate

4 pieces will have the following nutritional value.

Nandos Half Chicken

2014-01-13 12.13.28

There’s not too much to say about Nandos that people don’t know already – it’s a fast food styled restaurant which sells surprisingly good, portuguese styled, peri peri chicken. The franchise restaurants are found everywhere in London, and indeed in the rest of the country. Proof I’m still getting the hang of this new diet, I’ve since found that peas are a legume and shouldn’t really be eaten on a Paleo diet. A few google searches seem to suggest that some people make peas an exception to this legume rule, but I don’t think I’ll get them in future. Nando’s also sell corn on the cob so I think this would be a better option. There is dairy in the mayonnaise which makes up part of the coleslaw. They also sell salads.

The sauces do contain quite a bit of sugar so you may wish to be frugal here.

For £9.95 you get a meal which weights in roughly like the following: